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HLS, LLC. is your number one choice for all your lawn care services if you are located in the area of Washington, PA and the other surrounding areas. HLS, LLC. is the best in the area when it comes to constructing retaining walls. If you are looking to have retaining walls constructed, look no further than HLS, LLC.. We know all the rules and regulations when it comes to constructing retaining walls, so rest assured that you will be contacting the true professionals here with us.

HLS, LLC. specializes in concrete contractor services, landscaping, excavation contractor services, gas, water, sewage, site development and trenching. HLS, LLC. can also lay sod and mulching. If you are searching for any of these look no further than HLS, LLC.. If you are looking for a professional concrete contractor, look no further than us. We have plenty of years of experience dealing with concrete and making sure that is it done and laid down the correct way. The last thing you want is to be forced to redo your concrete project due to carelessness from the company you hired. You never have to worry about an issue like that with HLS, LLC.. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Washington PA
  • Canonsburg PA
  • Taylorstown PA
  • Waynesburg PA
  • Peters Township PA